Are You One Of The 95% of Women Experiencing Loneliness?

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Networking app Peanut has conducted a survey of 5000 women, which found that 95% of women said they experience loneliness and one in three never talk about it.

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Single Parents & Loneliness Stigma

Despite how common it is, there is still a stigma attached to discussing loneliness and mental health issues. In a survey by Peanut, an overwhelming 95 percent of the 5,000 women questioned admitted to experiencing loneliness, with 89 percent expressing a desire to have more close friends. Enter Frolo! The Frolo app was created out of a need to connect single parents to each other to combat loneliness. 

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‘I’m Lonely’

Acknowledging and addressing this stigma is vital in order to create a supportive environment for those who are seeking meaningful connections. As children, making friends seemed effortless, but as we grow older, finding genuine connections becomes more challenging, especially for single parents who have limited time and energy to invest in building relationships. The absence of structured social settings can make the process of making friends daunting and time-consuming.

Frolo App & Making Friends

Frolo can make the difference between feeling lonely and finding connection. These platforms provide a safer space for individuals to put themselves out there and connect with like-minded people. If you find making friends at the school gates or in social settings difficult, starting online can be a great place to start. Frolo explicitly brings together single parents with the shared intention of making connections. This clarity allows users to drop their guards and be more open to creating meaningful relationships.


Once you’ve signed up for the Frolo app, scroll to the ‘Meetups’ tab and you’ll find events all over the country and online that you can attend to connect with like-minded single parents. From enormous single parent picnics in central London with almost 100 adults and kids in attendance, to a small gathering at a local pub for a few grown-ups to blow off steam and chat about single parent life: there’s something for everyone. There are even expert-run Meetups where you can get specialist advice on topics like money and relationships. 

You’re Not Alone! 

Loneliness is a universal experience that affects many, and single parents may be impacted even more. But one in five families are headed by a single parent: you are not alone! Frolo provides a unique opportunity for us all to seek connection and combat loneliness. Online, you’ll find a safe and supportive space for like-minded people, where you can build meaningful relationships. We can’t wait to see you on the app! 

Seek Professional Help

If you’re worried that your loneliness is impacting on your mental health, it might be time to seek some support from a professional counsellor. We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with online therapy service BetterHelp to offer frolos an exclusive 25% discount off their first month of therapy.

As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive compensation from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through the links provided. By supporting our partners you can help to support the continued running of Frolo. BetterHelp is the world’s largest online therapy service. Rather than having to travel to see your therapist, it’s a 100% online service, making it a convenient choice for when you are a single parent with a busy schedule and limited chances to get out of the house child-free.

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