Mother's Day Self-Care Tips For Single Mums

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Since Mother's Day might not look exactly as you thought it would when you entered parenthood, it's important to make sure you take special care of yourself on the day. Here are some ideas to look after yourself this weekend, whether you have the kids or not.

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Mother's Day With The Kids

1. If the children aren't old enough to understand what Mother's Day is all about and spoil you this weekend, spoil yourself! Get them involved in making a treat breakfast all together, or if your budget allows, why not go out to your favourite cafe or order something in?

2. Skip the housework this Sunday, and focus on rest, relaxation and play with the little ones. The dishes will still be there tomorrow, after all.

3. Get outside. Even if it's just for a quick walk around the block or a walk to the aforementioned cafe, some fresh spring air will brighten everyone's day (with umbrellas, if needed!).

4. Why not check out the Meetup section of the app and see if any other local single parents are with their kids this weekend and join for some Frolo fun? And if not, it's super easy to create your own Meetup to enjoy some single parent connection. We've heard from so many Frolos that after attending their first Meetup they never look back, so make Mother's Day the day you make the leap!

Mother's Day Without The Kids

1. Sleep. Don't feel like you always have to be productive on your days off from the children. If you need rest, take it, especially today.

2. Spoil yourself. What's the one activity you love to do, but can't do when you're parenting? Whether it's a long soak in the bath, a reality TV marathon, a yoga class or a day-drinking session with your favourite Frolo friend, Mother's Day is the day for it.

3. Remember that just because you're without the kids this weekend, you're never alone. Open the Frolo app and you'll find plenty of other parents doing the same thing as you. Jump on to the Frolo Mammas Group and have a chat.  

4. Meet up with your own Mother figure. As soon as you become a parent, your own parental relationships can take something of a back seat. If you have a female friend or mother figure in your life that you can celebrate the day with, make the most of child-free time and connect.

Tell us how you're spending Mother's Day on the Frolo app.

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