Self Care With The Single Mums’ Book Club

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If you’ve been languishing lately then here at Frolo we have the perfect pick me up – get your copy of The Single Mum’s Book Club by Victoria Cooke.

Languishing has been the word of 2021 – that state where you’re not down exactly, but you’re not feeling full of energy either. What better antidote than a good chuckle over a story of three epic single mums and friends. We know many frolos will be reminded of their own tribe as they read, just like we were.

We’ve teamed up with The Single Mums’ Book Club, the brand new, laugh out loud novel from Victoria Cooke. It’s the perfect blend of romance and humour, a joyful read that’s ideal for when you just need to escape for a while. The Single Mums’ Book Club is out on 30 April 2021.

The Single Mums’ Book Club is available on ebook now via Amazon.

The Single Mums' Book Club

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