5 Common Mistakes in Single Parents’ Dating Profiles

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The world of online dating is complicated, and being a single parent can make it even trickier. Get ahead of the game by avoiding these dating profile mistakes...

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By Dating Expert and Founder Amy Whispers

As a dating expert I see how challenging the world of online dating can be. And being a single parent can make navigating this complex and sometimes confusing area even trickier.

As a single parent, I’ve experienced these same frustrations and I’ve learned a great deal from both my occupational expertise and personal experience.

Here are the most common dating profile mistakes I’ve seen single parents make.

Single Parent Dating Profile Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Including your child in the majority of your dating profile photos

Although I do believe it’s crucial to be upfront about such an important aspect of your life, the place to feature photos of your child is on your fridge or bedside table – not your dating profile.

This is for a number of reasons but primarily for your child’s safety. Dating apps hold great opportunities for falling in love, but there can also be a dark side.

If you’re not aware, see Netflix’s latest, The Tinder Swindler. Save these photos for showing your date once you’ve had a chance to get to know them better and make a proper character assessment.

Mistake #2 – Making your child the primary focus of your dating app bio

While I believe it’s important to mention your child and their significance, it’s also important to talk about you! Your hobbies, interests, and passions. You’ll want to establish that you have proper boundaries and a rich, full life, both with your child and outside of him or her.

Mistake #3 – Poor quality photos

I know it can be difficult to find the right photos for your dating apps, but this is critical to your dating success! You want to find photos that are clear, have good lighting, and convey your personality.

Do you like adventure or outdoor activities? Find some photos that convey your interests. Further, find photos that show you smiling. It will show your warmth and be appealing to potential matches.

Here's how to create stand-out dating profile pictures

Mistake #4 – Complaining about dating apps or dating in general in your bio

Sarcastic remarks describing how much you hate online dating only serve to discourage others from engaging with you and make a less than ideal first impression.

Life as a single parent can be difficult enough. We’re all looking for someone we can laugh with and have a good time. Bring some positivity to your bio and focus on the good things in your life.

Mistake #5 – Finally, not being truthful in any way, shape, or form is a definite mishap

I’ve seen many profiles that for example, list their age as 45. However, when you scroll to the bio, it states, “Actually 53.” While misrepresenting your age might get you into your desired age range, it definitely stands out as a red-flag. At some point, your true age will come to light and your potential partner might not be too happy about it.

That being said, my number one piece of advice is to be yourself. Focus on you, what you bring to the table, your warmth, your positivity, and what makes you a great potential partner. Happy swiping!

Red Flags of Single Parent Dating

Amy Whispers is an expert on all things texting, instagram, and dating apps.

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