Frolo’s 20 Questions with Single Adopter, Leon

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Leon is a single adopter and has one son, aged six. Here he tells Frolo a bit about his work-life balance, his greatest achievement and his motto for life.

Single adopter dad

How long have you been a frolo?

18 months.

Tell us a bit about your frolo family.

I’m a single adopter to a 6 year old.

How do you manage a work-life balance as a single parent?

It can be tricky, but with him being a school it helps to plan my day and I utilise after school club to give me a few more hours in the day.

What do you like to do when you have time away from children?

Sleep! And do as little as possible. But catching up with friends and myself mainly.

What do you like about the Frolo community?

It normalises single parenthood and acts as a community which is super useful.

Describe parenthood in three words.

Fantastic, nonstop and motivating.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back.

Best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

There’s no rule book for parenting.

Who or what is your greatest love?

My handsome son.

Where is your happy place?

Sat on a beach somewhere sipping a cocktail and watching my gorgeous boy enjoying himself.

Is there a book you’d like to recommend to other frolos? A podcast?

My first children’s picture book which will be out later this year. It’s called ‘You, Me and Lots and Lots of Love’ You can follow my Instagram account for updates as and when I have them – lots_andlotsoflove.

What is your motto for life?

I have two. Everything happens for a reason and nothing happened before its time. To settle for being ordinary is to fail at living.

What is your greatest achievement?

Buying a house on my own and doing a full on renovation project and going through the whole adoption process myself – all within three years.

Any regrets?

Many, but nothing can be done to change the past so I’m all about working with the universe to dictate how my future is looking.

Biggest life lesson?

Nothing good ever comes out of staying in your comfort zone.

Last time you laughed hard?

Every day, but yesterday evening.

Last time you cried?

Last week when watching Karate Kid with my son (I know, totally odd). I was explaining to him that anything is achievable with hard work and determination and it was just one of those silly parent moments when you have a little cry for no apparent reason! I think it was seeing him really grasping that point.

What song would you add to the Frolo playlist?

Oh God too many, but Happy by Pharrell because its one of my sons favourite songs and it really does personify him.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their single parent journey?

Make sure you have a reliable support bubble and to ensure you make time for self-care.

What have you learned about yourself through being a single parent?

That anything is possible.

That it requires much more patience than I thought.

You have to trust your gut when it comes to your child.

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