Frolo’s 20 Questions with Single Mum, Jess Avey

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Jess has been a single mum to her two boys for nearly three years. Here she tells us how she juggles single parenting with her work as a female empowerment and mindset coach, her biggest regret and the best parenting advice she has ever received.

How long have you been a frolo?

Almost 3 years.

Tell us a bit about your frolo family.

I’m a single mum to two wild boys Jasper and Jenson and a Frechie puppy named Peanut.

How do you manage a work-life balance as a single parent?

I fit the majority of it in when they’re at school, in bed or at their dad’s but luckily all of my work is online based so I can do it from anywhere – even if that means replying to emails whilst at the park or on a playdate. I also adore what I do so it’s a joy to fit it in wherever I can.

What do you like to do when you have time away from children?

Go to the gym, take the dog for a walk without having to carry any scooters, dinner with friends.

What do you like about the Frolo community?

Feeling part of something, feeling less alone, feeling understood… it’s people that just get it you know?

Describe parenthood in three words.

Exhausting, exciting and full.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Live life for you, there is no timeline, there is no rush. Oh and other peoples opinions are none of your business!

Best parenting advice you’ve ever received?

The days you feel like the worst mum are often the days your children think you’re the best – kids love the pyjama days and picky plates for tea so don’t stress about everything being perfect and instagrammable!!

Who or what is your greatest love?

Myself! The more I love myself the better mum I can be, when I fill up my cup I can fill up my boys cups and I honestly believe that showing them that I love myself is one of the greatest lessons for them to learn.

Where is your happy place?

The beach – which is odd because I actually hate sand!

Is there a book you’d like to recommend to other frolos? A podcast?

Podcast wise – My dad wrote a porno – sometimes the self development world can be a bit heavy and we just need a laugh.

What is your motto for life?

What’s for you won’t pass you.

What is your greatest achievement?

Not letting my circumstances define or limit me, being able to thrive as a single mum while running my businesses makes me so proud.

Any regrets?

None – It’s all lessons and blessings, everything has gotten me to where I am now.

Biggest life lesson?

Everyone comes into your life for a reason, again, they’re either blessings or lessons .. be wise to which they are.

Last time you laughed hard?

At a friends BBQ, I have a small circle of friends and they really got me through my darkest times.

Last time you cried?

Two nights ago, a mixture of hormones and having a child-free weekend on one of the sunniest weekends of the year. I let myself cry then reminded myself of all the things I can do with my child free time and how much fun the boys will be having.

What song would you add to the Frolo playlist?

Lady Gaga Just Dance popped into my head! I haven’t listened to it for years but it must be a sign.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their single parent journey?

Feel all the feelings, accept the help, say yes to what feels right and no to what doesn’t. This is a redirection not a rejection – let this be the beginning of something incredible.

What have you learned about yourself through being a single parent?

I am whole with or without a partner.

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