Getting The Most From Frolo – The Complete Guide

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Welcome to Frolo!

The Frolo app has two modes - Community and Dating, and you can choose to sign up to either or both modes depending on what feels right for you. The Frolo is is for single parents, co-parents, solo parents, solo parents by choice, and widowed parents.

In this blog, we are going to give you our top tips for getting the most out of Community mode so that can benefit from the wonderful community, connections, support, guidance from connecting with other like-minded single parents who ‘get it’ – who understand the challenges and the joys of parenting alone.

Before we start, were you looking to learn about Frolo Dating? If so, here is everything you need to know about our single parent dating app. But for Frolo Community, stick around and read on. In this article we will outline how to use Frolo Community mode.

Here’s how to make the most of all the Frolo app has to offer…

Introducing the main sections of Frolo Community Mode

When you log on to the Frolo app for the first time you'll discover that there are four main sections of the Community which you can access by by icons at the bottom of the app screen:

The Feed - where you engage with the wider community for guidance, advice or to share some good news or single parenting wins!

Discovery - this is where you can search for and connect with other like-minded frolos

Meetups - this is where you can find or create in real life and virtual meetups (such as playdates, adults only nights out, holidays, expert sessions, support groups, camping trips)

Chats - this is where you can privately message your connected frolos or find or create Group Chats

Our Top Tips To Get You Started

If might feel intimidating to get onto the app for the first time, but our main advice is to be brave: the more you put into the Frolo experience, the more you get out of it so be brave and take the first step - we promise you, you won't regret it.

Here are five top tips to get you started: 

1. Post on the Frolo Feed and introduce yourself - the community is so welcoming and friendly and we promise you'll receive a warm response.

2. Go to Discovery and to find like-minded frolos in your area who may be in similar situations to you. Send some connection requests to get the ball rolling.

3. Search for Group Chats in your area or topics that interest you. Join at least 3 Group Chats you're interested in and introduce yourself to let others know you've joined so they can welcome you in

4. Have a look at the Meetup section and see if anything is happening near you or online that interests you. Attending a Meetup is an absolute game-changer and we always receive feedback from frolos that they wish they’d taken the plunge with Meetups sooner. 

5. Use the Group Chat, Meetup and 'Find me on Frolo' share functionality to help build your network and invite single mums or dads you know to join you on the app or at a Meetup. Rest assured however, if that single parent friend doesn’t exist yet, they will soon.

Top 5 Frolo Features To Know About

Here are some of the coolest features on the app: 

  1. Post anonymously on the feed to have your sensitive questions answered without revealing your identity using Frolo Premium.
  2. Block any users that you don't wish to interact with or that you wish to avoid.
  3. See who has been active recently using Frolo Premium to create a more engaged app experience and connect with people more easily
  4. Create a poll on the Home Feed to see how other single parents feel about topics you care about.
  5. Use the 'Find Me on Frolo' function to share your profile outside the app and grow your single parent community. You can also share Meetups and Group Chats outside the app.

The Safest Single Parent App

Frolo is the safest single parent app out there, as all our users are fully verified, everyone on the app has to be a single parent, and we operate with a strong code of Frolo Values, ensuring we offer a welcoming, safe environment for all.

Find out more about the app experience and have your questions answered below: 

The Frolo home feed

The home feed, (the home icon at the bottom of the page), is where the whole Frolo community gathers. You can use this part of the app to ask questions, seek advice and have a chat with thousands of other single parents who can relate to what you’re going through.

Frolo app example

All you need to do to access this community hive mind is go to ‘create a post’ at the top of the feed. Choose to write a simple post, share a link or an image, or create a poll. Once you’re happy with your post you’ll be given the option to add hashtags to it or tag other users. before sharing.

Within the feed you can tap on any hashtag and see all of the posts that include it. From here you can also choose to follow a hashtag. (More on this below). This is useful if you’re looking for posts on a particular theme, for example if you’re looking for other people posting about a topic like co-parenting or divorce.

Single parenting can feel like the toughest, loneliest job in the world, and Frolo allows mums and dads to be part of a friendly community instantaneously. The instant connection you share with fellow solo parents is fantastic. - Evening Standard

Can I post anonymously on Frolo?

Premium feature alert! 

If you need to post about something sensitive, there’s also the option to post anonymously, using Frolo Premium.

You can create posts and add comments on the feed anonymously by navigating to your profile and tapping ‘edit’ and then ‘General Information.’ Scroll to the bottom of the page to toggle Anonymous Mode on and off.

In these settings you can also choose who gets to see your profile, and whether or not your profile shows your parenting information.

This is a really useful feature to upgrade to if you want to be able to ask sensitive questions or comment on posts without revealing your identity.

Can I block another user?

We get that sometimes you’re not going to want to be friends with everyone – perhaps you’ve discovered an ex is using Frolo for example. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered.

If there’s a frolo you’d rather not interact with, you can make yourself invisible to them. This means they won’t be able to see your profile, posts, or comments and they won’t be able to see any meetups that you RSVP to. To make yourself invisible to another frolo, navigate to their profile. Tap the three dots in the right-hand corner and then select ‘Make me invisible to this user.’

Can I filter my Frolo home feed?

Absolutely. You can filter the Frolo home feed to show posts from all frolos or just those in your area or that you’re connected to – just tap the filter icon in the top-left corner to get started. You can also choose to just see posts that include hashtags you follow.

To search for posts using keywords or to browse posts with trending hashtags use the search function in the top right hand corner.

Being on here has made me proud to be a single parent! I hope I get to meet a lot of the amazing people I see on here! Here’s to the future and new beginnings! 💖 - Frolo app user

Frolo Meetups

Click on the calendar icon and you can browse meetups organised by other frolos, both virtual and face-to-face, or create your own meetups.

frolo app meetups tab

Meetups come in all shapes and sizes, from our regular virtual movie and book clubs to park trips with kids, child-free mountain biking, and even Frolo holidays! We also have regular sessions from experts on different aspects of parenting, relationships and self-development.

Simply have a browse, see what’s happening near you or online, and click on the event to find out how to get involved.

Can I create my own meetup?

Yes! If nothing takes your fancy, or you’re looking to join up with other single parents for an outing, holiday or virtual chat, it’s easy to set up your own meetup.

Simply tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner and select either ‘face to face’ or ‘virtual’ depending on what you’ve got planned. Whichever option you choose, make sure you include a title, start and end time, a location (or link if it’s a virtual meetup) and plenty of information for your fellow frolos.

Can I share a meetup?

Yes! Thanks to our latest update, you can now share Frolo Meetups directly, outside the app, which means you can invite single parents to be part of the frolo community directly and get involved with events and meetups that you think might benefit them.

During a time which can be so lonely, the Frolo virtual meetups have been great for the soul. Like a night out with friends direct from the sofa. - Frolo app user

How do I specifically find single parents near me?

You can browse all the other frolos living in your local area in the Discovery section of the app (represented by the people icon).

Tap the icon in the top righthand corner and you can choose whether you want to browse mums, dads or both, and filter them by their distance from your location and their kids’ ages to help you find the perfect playdate companion.

If you’d like to chat to another frolo directly, or invite them to join a meetup or group chat, you can send them a connection request. Once your connection request is accepted, they’ll be added to your list of frolo friends so you can reach out to them whenever you like.

Can I narrow down my search to find frolos like me?

Premium feature alert!

With our Premium filter settings on discovery you can find parents with the same parenting type, similar age children, and advanced location settings so you can find those with the most similar set-up, closest to you, and build your network of frolo family even faster.

Can I share my profile?

Yes! Thanks to our latest update and our 'Find Me On Frolo' function, you can now share your Frolo profile directly, outside the app, which means you can invite single parents to be part of the frolo community and connect immediately.

What happens when someone accepts my connection request?

The chats section of the app – accessed via the speech bubble icon – is where you can manage your friend requests and access private and group messaging.

frolo app messages

This is also where you can find group chats. There are tons of group chats to choose from, covering everything from co-parenting tips to recipe swaps, support groups for widowed frolos and single dads to local area groups.

Use the search bar to look for groups on specific topics. If you can’t find a group that represents your special interest, you can request to create a new group using ‘new group’ in the top right hand corner.

Subscribe to the groups that interest you and you’ll be notified in this section of any new group messages.

Knowing there is a whole community of fellow lone parents who we can laugh, rant, cry and share information with has been such a valuable resource for me. All different walks of life but with a shared experience of lone parenting. I feel seen, accepted and amongst those who get it. - Frolo app user

Can I share a group chat?

Yes! Thanks to our latest update, you can now share Frolo chats directly, outside the app, which means you can invite single parents to be part of the frolo community via a group chat that you think might benefit them.

Upgrade your experience: Frolo Premium

Along with the premium features highlighted above, giving you access to exclusive advanced profile search settings to find single parents closest to you with matching circumstances or parenting styles, and the ability to post anonymously, Frolo Premium will also give access to view recently active users, meaning that you are even more connected to the community. Premium users will be able to get the most out of their experience on the app, with access to the most advanced user settings and an even more seamless experience.

frolo app screenshot

What about if I want to report a person or a post?

Our top priority is creating a community where you can feel completely safe as a single parent. As part of this we ask all of our users to agree to a set of community guidelines, and will take action against anyone who doesn’t contribute to Frolo being a safe and supportive environment.

If you feel that a person or post needs our attention, you can report them easily through the app:

Reporting a post. Tap into the post from the Feed, tap the three dots in the right-hand corner, then tap ‘Report post.’

Reporting a comment. Swipe the comment you would like to the left, then tap the warning triangle icon and ‘Report.’

Reporting a user. Tap on the users name to navigate to their profile. Tap the three dots in the right-hand corner and then select ‘Report user.’

How do I manage my profile and notifications?

Easy peasy – head to the head and shoulders icon in the bottom right hand corner to access all the admin bits for your Frolo profile. Press ‘edit’ on your picture to change any of your personal information, or head to the cog, top right, for settings.

Within the settings you view our T&Cs and the Frolo community values via FAQ. Post visibility settings gives you control over who gets to see your posts and within notification settings you can switch notifications on and off to let you know when you get tagged in posts, when there’s a new meetup in your area, when someone sends you a message and more.

Can I use Frolo for single parent dating?

Yes! Just switch from Community to Dating mode. Read our full guide on Frolo Dating here.

Thanks for reading – all that’s left to do now is get stuck in! If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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