Is it Hard to Date a Single Parent?

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Thinking about jumping back into the dating pool and looking to meet other single parents? But worried about the challenges that might lie before you? Here, we’ll explore some of the challenges that dating single parents may present you with (and how to overcome them).

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Is it Hard to Date a Single Parent?

Dating a single parent can be hard, but the benefits outweigh the challenges when you are adding love into your life and potentially expanding and blending your family in the future. The challenges obviously include juggling childcare schedules, jobs and social lives, plus the hurdle of introducing children into the mix if all goes well. Throwing co-parents into the mix can also complicate things.

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The Main Challenges of Dating a Single Parent


Single parents are often juggling work, childcare, household responsibilities and multiple social calendars, leaving them feeling like they have little time for themselves. This can make scheduling dates feel really hard, especially if you or they (or both of your) have limited childcare options and are the primary carer for the children.

Navigating the Children’s Feelings

Another thing that people who are wondering whether it’s hard to date a single parent may want to consider is how the children in the respective families will cope with their parent being in a new relationship. It can be difficult for children to adjust to a new partner in their parent's life, and they may feel like they are competing for their attention, which can cause a shift in behaviour or emotional challenges. This may be a cause of potential tension and conflict in the relationship, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for this down the line.

Tips for Single Mum Dating Success

Co-Parents/ Exes

Trying to navigate your new partner’s ex can be a challenge that everyone would rather avoid, but if your new partner’s co-parent is still on the scene, they will be in the picture. Patience on this front is always the best approach, and not overstepping the mark with your opinions or actions.

The Rewards of Dating a Single Parent

Single Parents Have a Lot of Love to Give

The last challenge can also be one of the main rewards. Since most single parents’ main priority is the safety and wellbeing of their children, they often make for very caring, nurturing partners. Not only do single parents have a lot of love to give, the opportunity to bring more love into their children’s lives (and for them to bring love into yours) is priceless.

Green Flags of Single Parent Dating


The aforementioned responsibilities that single parents shoulder mean that there is space for interdependence within the relationship, rather than codependence. This can be great if you’re someone who likes to prioritise both yours and your partners’ needs and life goals, rather than emeshing too quickly.

So, is it TOO Hard to Date a Single Parent?

No! Dating a single parent might not be for everyone, but the rewards outweigh the challenges when it comes to starting a new relationship with a like minded single parent. When you’re ready to take the plunge, sign up for Frolo Dating and meet other single parents on our user-verified, safe platform.

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Red Flags of Single Parent Dating