Pleasure for Single Parents By In Bed With Lisa

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As a single parent, you have a lot of responsibilities. From driving your kids to school, cooking meals, doing towers of laundry, and having a full-time job on top of it all, things can get hectic really fast. So hectic, that you forget to make time for YOURSELF. But you absolutely shouldn’t. Pleasure for single parents shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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Lisa Welch of In Bed With Lisa gives you some top tips you can follow to ensure that you’re looking after your needs as a single parent.

Top tips for experiencing pleasure as a single parent

Being a parent and experiencing pleasure can be tricky. Yes, your kids are a top priority. But so are YOU. Here are some tips to ensure you’re looking after yourself and your needs.

1. Find pleasure in unexpected places

There’s more to life than working, cooking, cleaning, and pleasing everyone else. That stuff will always be there, but so will pleasure. Pleasure is everywhere. You just have to disregard your to-do list for a second and notice it. Pleasure can be found in the following:

  • The way the breeze blows through your hair as you take a midday stroll during your lunch break.
  • The feel of the warm water on your skin as you take a delectable bubble bath.
  • The smell of the flowers in your garden as you sit outside and watch your kids play.

Nobody’s waiting with a pleasure for single parents permission slip for you. This is your reminder to claim it for yourself.

2. Realise the importance of your own needs

Repeat after me: “I can have children and still have an epic love life”. I know this is true because I’m living it. Sure, it might have to be in specific pockets of time, and all-day love-making marathons are rare. But you can still enjoy plenty of fun, playful, erotic, intense, silly, loving, edgy, romantic, kinky, and yep sometimes mediocre sex.

We’re not magical unicorns with endless energy and perfect bodies. And as parents, we have our fair share of evenings spent snoring on the couch. But we need to prioritise intimacy (whether it be self-love or with a partner) because it’s essential.

I’d go so far as to say it makes us better parents. You’ll be better equipped to look after your kids if you look after yourself.

3. Express yourself sexually

Vocal expression during sex is essential. That being said, I know it’s not always that simple. With kids in the house, you don’t want them to overhear. Here are a few tips you can try to express yourself while still being respectful of others living with you:

  • Wait until everyone else is asleep for a little more privacy.⁣ Nap time for the win!
  • Skip the squeaky bed by putting something soft on the floor and trying that instead.
  • Drown out any frisky noises you might make with some music.⁣⁣
  • Use your voice at a normal conversational level to moan, and say things like... “more,” “faster,” “harder,” or “slower!”
  • Find somewhere discreet outside of the bedroom to get jiggy. ⁣
  • If something always makes you scream, avoid it while trying to keep quiet!⁣⁣
  • Choose a less vigorous position, such as spooning.⁣
  • Bite a pillow to muffle the sounds.
  • Set kids up safely in front of a video with a snack.

Ready for some “me” time?

Spending time looking after your own needs is crucial. It’ll help you live a more satisfied and happier life that’ll positively impact your kids.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on ways to experience pleasure for single parents, download The A-Z of Fun Sex eBook that’ll teach you everything you need to know about experiencing more fun in and outside the bedroom.

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