Single Parent Stories: Nia

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Single parent to two, Nia Al Hashar shares her single parent story along with her advice for those that are new and learning to find their way through the start of their own single parent journeys.

Dania (1)

I became a single parent after my divorce, just over 6 years ago, and have learnt a thing or two about parenting along the way. During this time, I’ve successfully managed to build a career in Events and Media, all of which would have never been possible without my support system, a plan and a strong desire to win at life.

The reasons for the end of my marriage were simply that I wanted a better life for my daughters and a healthier environment where they can thrive. I can’t say that it was a major adjustment for us (myself and the girls) as their father did work many days of the month out of the country, which meant I was already accustomed to planning the kids after school activities, pick up and drop offs, weekends, birthday parties, my work hours and child support on my own for the most part.

The harder adjustment however was learning to manage a household on a single parents income, not to mention all the unwanted emotionally draining expenses that come with a divorce. Despite the courts official directives and settlement, my ex husband immediately stopped paying towards housing, schooling and I have never received child support.

In spite of the obstacles which were many, I eventually had the resources to invest in my personal and professional growth, learnt to trust my own voice as a single parent, built a community around myself and my daughters and became very passionate about motivating single parents in the region and showing them how to win at life.

I have been featured in several publications speaking on the topic of single parenting in Dubai and set up a social media platform to support single parents in the region. And when I’m not juggling work and home life, you can find me out at sea paddle boarding with my best friend on Saturday mornings or at my go-to cycling & yoga studios.

Advice for single parents:

As for my advice to other single parents, whether new to this game or well-seasoned. I’d tell you to:

  1. Take care of yourself first, because when you don’t work nothing else will. Just like that flight the attendant tells you to put your mask on first, before you attempt to help anyone else.
  2. Trust your own voice, it’s like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you practice.
  3. Surround yourself and your children with loving words, loving people and loving energy.
  4. This world is harsh enough, be kind to yourself. Especially when you make mistakes.
  5. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.
  6. It’s hard, but honey you can do hard things.

On Thursday 24th November, Nia will be taking over our Insta stories to share the behind the scenes of life as a single working mum. We’d love to hear from you too! Just like Nia did, you can reach out to us via our Instagram or via this form here. Please note we’re currently available in the UK and Ireland but we’ve plans to expand to US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand soon. You can sign up to our waiting lists here. Read more single parent stories here.