Top Tips For Dating As A Single Mum

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Dating as a single mum is not easy, especially if you've been off the scene for a while. But it shouldn't be all hardships, either! If you a single parent wanting to start dating again, we're here to help.

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Single mother of two, Nia Al Hashar, got divorced over 6 years ago when she realised that that life was too precious to settle. Admirably, like many single parents, Nia got back on her feet and built a great life for her family.

Here, Nia shares her top tips for single parents that are considering dating again. Read her top 8 tips for those that are toying with the idea of getting back on the dating scene through apps such as Frolo Dating App - learn more about our Dating mode here.

Red Flags Of Dating As A Single Parent

  1. Invest in your most valuable asset first - yourself. Whether that means going on a self growth retreat or working with a life coach or attending online courses. Re-learn your self worth.

  1. Start dating yourself. You read that right! Take yourself out on dates you wish someone else would have and allow yourself to be open and curious to new experiences while on these dates.

  1. Don't be afraid to stray from the traditional dating avenues. Yes, this means being open to meeting people in person and on dating apps but also keeping in mind that the people you will want to date are people you have things in common with. So if you're athletic, be open to trying out a new sport like rock climbing or a running group where you will meet other like minded people.

  1. When you love your life, it draws people to you. Create a life you love and you'll attract the right partner.

  1. Standards aren't a luxury, they're a necessity. This person is going to be in your children's lives.

  1. Make your intentions clear from the start. It's the quickest way to rule the wrong people out and it saves you a lot of time and heartache. Plus, it will get you to the right person more quickly!

  1. This goes without saying but you and your children are the prize. You all have so much to offer and there's someone out there that needs all you each have to give. You need to start seeing a relationship with you as the ultimate prize.

  1. You miss 100 percent of the chances you don't take. If you're intimidated by someone's looks and can't get yourself to approach them, remember that looks are great for the first 10 seconds but after that, what do they really have to bring to the table? That is what you need to find out...

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